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The World Risk Day Virtual Summit on May 14, 2013, brought together the leading experts on risk and project management, from some of the world’s largest and most challenging mega-projects, to share their insights through webinars and Q&A sessions.

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The World Risk Day 2013 webinars include:

  • Developing an holistic approach to risk management – Christoph Schwager, Chief Risk Officer, EADS
  • High Risk Projects – A Global Perspective – Drew Slaton, Project Manager, Bechtel
  • Strategies for successful collaborative risk management with contractors and the supply chain – Rob Halstead, Head of Risk Management, Crossrail
  • Major Project Risk Management: Aligning Contractor, Owner, and Oversight Agencies – Daniel D’Angelo, Deputy Chief Engineer, New York State Department of Transportation
  • Shattering the project myth – managing cost and schedule alone doesn’t = project success – Chris Bell, Chief Marketing Officer, Active Risk
  • What lessons can be learned from the world’s Top 100 infrastructure projects – how can knowledge be shared? – Norman Anderson, President & CEO, CG/LA Infrastructure
  • What makes a great risk manager and how innovation projects influence risk management success – Michael Lopez, Senior Associate, Strategic Innovation Group, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Using Risk Modeling, Analysis, and Assessment to Inform Homeland Security Policy and Strategy – Assistant Secretary Alan D. Cohn, US Department of Homeland Security
  • New concepts in understanding and managing risk in projects – David Hillson, The Risk Doctor
  • ISO 31000: A Risk Management Standard for Decision Makers – Alex Dali, President, Global Institute for Risk Management Standards

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The first World Risk Day in 2012 also featured presentations by risk thought leaders from organizations around the world. You can still access these on-demand webinars by visiting the World Risk Day Resource Center.A selection of the speaker organizations from World Risk Day 2012

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